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A facility manager regularly visits staff on the job and expresses concern for helping each individual accomplish his or her work 


2-A facility manager regularly visits staff on the job and expresses concern for helping each individual accomplish his or her work and it seems to have a positive motivating 
effect on work output. Which of the following management styles is this facility manager using?Manage through employee empowerment (manage with a loose rein)Manage by walking around sure p85  ch2 topic 2Laissez faire managementHybrid management style of responsibility to executives and management as a linear process

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According to the information available in the textbook, the facility manager is utilizing the "Manage by walking around" or "Management by wandering around" (MBWA) style of management. This approach is characterized by active engagement with employees through physical presence in the workplace, observation of their work, listening to their concerns, and providing support and guidance as necessary. MBWA emphasizes communication, collaboration, and personal interaction with employees, and it has been found to be an effective way to boost employee motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction.

By using MBWA, the manager is able to establish a strong connection with employees and gain a better understanding of their needs, preferences, and work habits. This approach fosters a culture of open communication, mutual respect, and trust between the manager and employees, which is essential for creating a positive and productive work environment. The manager's physical presence in the workplace also provides an opportunity for them to identify potential issues or areas for improvement that may not be immediately apparent from a distance.

On the other hand, the laissez-faire style of management is a more hands-off approach where the manager takes a passive role in decision-making and allows employees to have more freedom in carrying out their tasks without direct supervision. While this style may work well in situations where employees are highly skilled and motivated, it can lead to confusion and lack of coordination if roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined. Therefore, it is important for managers to assess the situation and capabilities of their employees before deciding which management style to utilize.

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