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Answer each question with three or four sentences. 1.How was the issue of a federal Bill of Rights resolved in 1789?


Answer each question with three or four sentences.
1.How was the issue of a federal Bill of Rights resolved in 1789?
2.How did republican ideology give women civic responsibility and political importance even though they could not vote or hold public office? 3.Briefly describe the economic changes taking place in America in the 1790s owing to developments in agriculture and transportation. 4.What problems confronted Alexander Hamilton when he first took the office of secretary of the treasury?
5.In what way can the Whiskey Rebellion be viewed as more significant than merely a revolt by disgruntled farmers against paying a tax? 6.What were the terms of the Treaty of Greenville, and what were its long-term effects on the Indians?
7.What was the Jay Treaty, and why were Americans generally opposed to it?
8.How was news of the Haitian Revolution received by most white Americans?
9.What problems plagued John Adams during his one-term presidency?
10.What were the differences between the Federalists and the Republicans in 1800?

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Answer Key
1. Answer would ideally include: Evolution of the Bill of Rights: Pulling much of his wording from various state constitutions, James Madison wrote a bill of rights that enumerated such guarantees as freedom of speech, press, and religion; the right to petition and assemble; and the right to be free from unwarranted searches and seizures. In September of 1789, Congress approved a set of twelve amendments and sent them to the states for approval. Ten were ratified. Amendments one through eight protected individual liberties, while nine and ten concerned the boundary between federal and state authority.
2. Answer would ideally include: Women's Role in Politics: Republican ideology shaped the notion of Republican womanhood, which defined women as having the capacity to reform the morals and manners of men. Republican wives were supposed to promote virtue and good morals among their husbands. Republican mothers were charged with shaping and educating their sons so that they could become educated and virtuous citizens. In these ways,

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