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Briefly identify the three theoretical perspectives of globalization.


Briefly identify the three theoretical perspectives of globalization.

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There are three main perspectives on globalisation: hyper-globalisation, sceptic, and transformationalist.

The hyper-globalist view asserts that globalisation is a positive force, driven by international capitalism, and leading to economic development and the spread of democracy. This perspective sees globalisation as a powerful force that is eradicating local cultures and creating a more homogeneous global culture.

The sceptic view, on the other hand, questions the extent and impact of globalisation. Sceptics compare current flows of trade and investment to those of the nineteenth century and argue that the current globalisation is exaggerated. They suggest that instead of globalisation, what is happening is rather called regionalisation, where regional trading blocs and economic zones are becoming increasingly important.

The transformationalist view acknowledges that globalisation is happening, but argues that its impact and meaning are more complex than the other two perspectives suggest. According to this view, globalisation is not historically irrelevant, but rather, it is transforming the world in unprecedented ways. The transformationalist view suggests that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and that people are beginning to see themselves as global citizens, rather than only as members of their local communities. This perspective suggests that the impact of globalisation is difficult to predict, and that it is transforming the world in ways that are both positive and negative.

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