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Chapter 8, History


Answer each question with three or four sentences.
1.What were the major components of the final version of the Articles of Confederation, and what were the Articles’ shortcomings?
2.In the debate over the Articles of Confederation, how did five small states clash with the eight states with western land claims?
3.Discuss the provisions of the various state constitutions written after May 1776. Did they all retain a two-chamber assembly? If not, what did they choose?
4.Discuss various ways in which the institution of slavery began to be eroded in the North after 1776.
5.Discuss the country’s financial predicament following the American Revolution and how these problems led to the Newburgh Conspiracy. 6.How did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 deal with the problem of slavery in the Northwest Territory?
7.Discuss the delegates to the Constitutional Convention and their commonalities, positionsin society, wealth levels, and backgrounds. 8.Describe the basic structural features of the U.S. Constitution as set forth in the Great Compromise.
9.Compare the Federalist and Antifederalist positions on the ratification of the Constitution.
10.New York’s ratification of the Constitution assured the solidity and legitimacy of the new government, but the state was one of the last to approve the Constitution. What measures were taken in that state to promote ratification?

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1. Components of the Articles of Confederation: The Articles of Confederation defined the union as a loose confederation of states existing mainly to foster a common defense. There was no national executive and no national judiciary. The congress was composed of two to seven delegates from each state, but each state had only a single vote. Routine decisions by the congress required a simple majority; major decisions required nine votes; approving or amending the Articles required unanimous consent of the congress and the state legislatures. The congress issued bonds to pay for the war's costs and requisitioned money from the states to be paid into the treasury.

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