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Discuss the three activities performed as part of a work-flow analysis.


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Work-flow analysis is a method of examining the steps and components involved in the creation of a product or service. This analysis is performed to identify areas where inefficiencies or bottlenecks may exist, and to determine how to optimize the process for greater efficiency and productivity. The three key activities involved in a work-flow analysis are analyzing work outputs, analyzing work processes, and analyzing work inputs.

Analyzing work outputs involves identifying the final product or service created by a work unit and setting standards for its quality and quantity. This process helps ensure that the output meets the desired level of quality and that the necessary quantity is produced. By analyzing work outputs, one can identify any flaws or issues in the final product and take steps to improve it.

Analyzing work processes involves examining the steps involved in producing the work unit's output. This includes analyzing the individual tasks performed by each member of the work unit, as well as the operating procedures used at each stage of the development of the product. This process helps identify any inefficiencies or redundancies in the process, allowing for changes to be made to improve productivity and reduce waste.

Analyzing work inputs involves identifying the materials, equipment, and human skills required to produce the work unit's output. This includes analyzing the availability and quality of these inputs, as well as identifying any potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the input supply chain. By analyzing work inputs, one can identify opportunities for improving the quality or efficiency of the input supply chain, which can have a significant impact on the overall productivity and effectiveness of the work unit.


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