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Distinguish between “punishment ” and “extinction


Distinguish between “punishment ” and “extinction

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Distinguish between “punishment ” and “extinction

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  • Punishment is weakening of a behavior by adding undesirable or unpleasant stimulus. On the other hand, extinction refers to the gradual weakening of a behavior as a result of withholding reinforcement for the behavior.
    Punishment decreases the likelihood of a behavior by presenting an unpleasant stimulus. For example, if the child forgets to complete her homework, you take her tricycle away. This decreases the likelihood of her not spreading the behavior hence a punishment.
    Presenting food and a buzzer to your dog every time, makes the dog respond to the buzzer even if there is no food. However, if you stop pairing a buzzer and food together, it gets to a point when the dog does not respond to the buzzer like before. This is called extinction.


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Answered on June 21, 2020 9:13 am

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