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Psychology study quiz


Psychology study quiz

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Dr. Mingus keeps a very detailed record of a series of interviews with an individual who is suffering from a rare brain disorder. This is an example of which research method?​

Case study


In a drug study, group one receives an inactive pill and group two receives a pill that is believed to be effective in treating depression. Group two is the​

experimental group.


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Which perspective is most responsible for bringing issues related to diversity to the forefront of psychological research?​



Which of the following is the newest movement in contemporary psychology?​

Positive psychology


A group of participants that is exposed to the independent variable is called a(n) ____.​

​experimental group


Participants in the following surveys are guaranteed that their answers will remain confidential and anonymous. In which case are survey respondents least likely to shade the truth?​

A survey regarding preferences as to online news sources


​Dr. Vickers just took a position as an educational psychologist with the Blackstone School System. Of the following tasks, which is Vickers LEAST likely to do in this position?

Administer intelligence tests to students.


In survey research, _______ are segments of the total group who are the subject of interest to the researcher.​



Professor Scott conducts research on teenage risk-taking behavior. He would like to develop a hypothesis on the parental influence on teenage risk-taking at the extreme end of the spectrum, with a focus on teenagers who sail around the world alone. Would a case study be an appropriate first step, and why or why not?​

Yes, because teenage circumnavigators are rare and the data will help generate new, or possibly falsify existing, hypotheses.


Which type of psychologist would be interested in memory loss in elderly individuals?​



​Dr. Greenberg is an industrial/organizational psychologist. In his job at Acme Corporation, he is likely to work on all but which of the following tasks?

​Conduct a survey to determine which consumers are most likely to buy Acme's products.


The use of the survey method is limited by which types of biases?

​social desirability bias and volunteer bias


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​Developmental psychologist Arthur Chang watches children in a daycare center through a one-way mirror. Chang is utilizing which form of research?

naturalistic observation


The behaviorist emphasis on observable events as the focus of inquiry can be traced to which philosopher?​



Which theorists are associated with humanistic psychology?​

Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers


A factor that varies in an experiment is called a​



According to the text, all but which of the following are emerging specialty areas in psychology?​



​What does correlation tell us?

The relationship and strength of relationship between two or more variables


In an experiment, the ______ group receives the manipulation of the independent variable.​



Dr. Holder is a psychologist working from the sociocultural perspective. In her research, which variable is Dr. Holder LEAST likely to study?​

Unconscious motives


In an experiment, the factor that changes in response to some other factor is referred to as the​

dependent variable.


The correlation between smoking and lung cancer shows that ____.​

correlations may, in fact, give clues to real causes


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The approach that studies the relationships between biological processes and behavior is termed​

physiological psychology.


Ethics review committees are typically composed of

both professionals and laypersons.


As a humanist, Dr. Randall is most likely interested in all but which of the following questions?

How do aggressive people direct the unconscious impulses?


An industrial/organizational psychologist would typically

make suggestions to a manager regarding employee morale.


Which of the following mental health professionals is most likely a behavioral therapist?

Dr. Barney, who uses techniques based on learning principles to help clients alter maladaptive behaviors.


Dr. Fiennes, a psychological researcher, studies the biological bases of memory problems in the elderly using animal research subjects. Fiennes is a(n) ______ psychologist.​



______ is a growing movement in psychology directed toward studies of human experience such as hope, happiness, and altruism.​

Positive psychology


Psychology made the transition from philosophy to science with which event? ​

Wundt opened his laboratory in Leipzig.


Which perspective in psychology would suggest that depression is related to changes in brain chemistry?



Social desirability bias and volunteer bias are problems typically associated with which research method?​



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A method of developing knowledge based on the evaluation of evidence from experiments and careful observation is called the ______ approach.



The method of study that examines one or more people in great depth is called a(n) ____.​

case study


A placebo effect would be most likely to account for changes in​

pain intensity.


Dr. Samuelson conducts research on the relationship between strokes and speech problems. He is probably a(n) ______ psychologist.​



Regarding behaviorism, which of the following statements is FALSE?​

B.F. Skinner conducted most of his research with humans.


Christine Ladd-Franklin is credited as being​

​the earliest woman pioneer in psychology.


Which subspecialty represents the largest group of psychologists?​



An extension of the behavioral perspective that incorporates the study of mental processes is termed ________.​

social-cognitive theory


In conducting an experiment, a precisely worded, educated guess is called a ____.​



In a study of the effects of various brands of ice cream on weight gain, the type of ice cream consumed represents the​

independent variable.



Your psychology professor asks a student volunteer to concentrate on eating an apple and then describe the individual elements of that experience. Your professor is demonstrating the technique of _______, which is a technique used by investigators of ________.​

introspection; structuralism


The word 'psychology' comes from two Greek roots that mean​

​knowledge and mind


Which of the following statements would be made by a humanist?​

Aggression results when people are blocked from pursuing their goals.


Naturalistic observation is best suited for ____.​

​developing hypotheses


The work of ______ psychologists often overlaps with the work of psychiatrists.



Which of the following is NOT a function of the reticular formation?​

Controls heartbeat


Delta Epsilon fraternity sponsors a Beer Fest every October, where party-goers consume large amounts of alcohol. At the neurotransmitter level, what is happening to the party-goers?​

Alcohol increases sensitivity of receptor sites for gamma-amniobutyric acid (GABA).


Neuronal communication is a two-step process. In the second step, which takes place between two neurons, what does the arrival of an action potential at the axon terminal of the first neuron signal?​

The release of neurotransmitters into the extracellular fluid


The thin layer of cells that covers the surface of the forebrain is called the ____.​



In a twin study, an investigator compares concordance rates of fraternal and identical twins. A concordance rate is best described as​

the percentage of shared traits or disorders.



Regarding the limbic system, which of the following statements is FALSE?​

The limbic system includes the amygdala, hippocampus, and basal ganglia.


Which brain structure is best described as a "relay station"?​



Psychologists believe that irregularities in ______ transmission may help explain symptoms of schizophrenia.​



The endocrine system responds to input from the nervous system, particularly from the ____.​



Cocaine and amphetamines increase the availability of which neurotransmitter?​



The limbic system includes all but which of the following?​



Somatosensory information is processed by which lobe?​



If you were to look at the structures in the forebrain, you would find that the hippocampus can be described as being shaped like a(n)​



Which brain structure regulates thirst, hunger, and body temperature?



Scientists consider the ______ to be the "seat of intelligence."​

​prefrontal cortex


Glial cells function most like which of the following?​



All of the following are components of a neuron EXCEPT the​



There are ______ types of neurons in the human nervous system and these are called ______.​

3; sensory, motor, and interneurons


​Which of the following describes the corpus callosum?

It is the connection between the two cerebral hemispheres.


Which is a cluster of nerve cells that can be described as playing a key role in regulating voluntary movement such as walking?​

Basal ganglia


​The pituitary gland is important for all of these reasons EXCEPT:

​It controls the parts of the brain that regulate breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.


How does the input of olfactory information to the brain differ from other sensory input pathways?​

Direct connections to the thalamus are not made before information reaches the cortex.


Which technique can best be described as taking snapshots of the brain in action?​

Which technique can best be described as taking snapshots of the brain in action?​


Which type of study provides the clearest way to address the nature-nurture question?​

adoptee study


Which part(s) of a neuron may range in size from a few thousandths of an inch to several feet long?​



Every participant in an experiment has an equal chance of receiving one of the treatments. This is called​

random assignment.


You see a journal article entitled, "Injection of Happystuff Causes a Reduction in Symptoms of Depression in Adult Males." This tells you that the independent variable​

s the injection of Happystuff.


A placebo effect would be most likely to account for changes in ____.

pain intensity


The ethical guideline requiring that information about a research study be disclosed to potential research participants before they participate is referred to as​

​informed consent.


In an experiment, the factor that is expected to change is referred to as the ____.​

dependent variable


In 1970, women accounted for about what proportion of new doctorates in psychology?



An experimental group receives treatment and is then measured for the effect. What happens to the control group in the experiment?​

It receives no treatment at all, but it is measured.


​Dr. von Waldner conducts research on depression. His hypothesis is that depression results from maladaptive thought patterns. From which perspective is von Waldner working?



A strong belief that the environment molds the behavior of humans and other animals is characteristic of which school of psychology?​



It is difficult for others to confirm an individual's subjective introspections; therefore, taking this approach does not lend itself well to ____.​

the scientific method


Participants in an experiment on stress management are given stress reduction techniques and then measured for the effect. What is the role of the control group in this experiment?​

They receive no techniques at all, but they are measured.


Which of the following relationships would most likely have the weakest correlation?​

number of fingers on a person's hand and intelligence


A correlational study found that affluent youngsters were almost twice as likely as the poorest children in the study to have autism. What is the likely reason?​

The reason is impossible to determine from this correlation.


The American Psychological Association was founded in which year?



A member of which minority group is least likely to be the recipient of a doctorate in the field of psychology?​

Native American


Dr. Williamson conducts research examining the effects of electrical stimulation in certain parts of the brain. Dr. Williamson has found that stimulation of this part of the brain in laboratory rats will result in changes to the rats' mating, eating, and socialization behaviors. Based on this description, which part of the brain is Dr. Williamson most likely to be studying?​



​Positron emission tomography (PET) scans work by

​tracing the amount of glucose used in different parts of the brain.


The brain area that MOST distinguishes us from animals is the ____.​



Which lobe processes information related to touch and body movement?​



The peripheral nervous system is comprised of​

the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.


Which of the following is the best definition of genotype?

​an organism's genetic code


​Which of the following neurotransmitters prevents neurons from overly exciting adjacent nerve cells?

Gamma-amniobutyric acid (GABA)


​All but which of the following techniques are used for recording and/or imaging the brain?



Phineas Gage showed severe personality changes following an accident that damaged his​

prefrontal cortex.


A familial association study is used to determine​

A familial association study is used to determine​


Sharon is a long-distance runner. After a certain point in her workout, she begins to feel a natural "high" instead of pain. This feeling is likely the result of chemicals in her brain called​



The term white matter refers to ____.​

myelinated axons


What is the most common type of neuron found in your nervous system?​



The sympathetic nervous system does each of the following EXCEPT ________​

​promote digestion.


All but which of the following describe the reticular formation?​

controls heartbeat


Which of the following descriptions of the cerebral cortical lobes is INCORRECT?​

​parietal—involved with motor behaviors


Your anatomy professor states that today's lecture will be about the central nervous system. Which parts of the body do you expect to learn about?​

​the brain and spinal cord


Sonal is participating in a study at a brain research center. She is hooked up to a machine that measures electrical activity in her brain through the use of electrodes attached to her scalp. Which technique is the researcher using with Sonal?​



Prolonged neurotransmitter activity is prevented by all of the following functions EXCEPT​

release of excitatory neurotransmitters.


Your heartbeat, digestion, and pupil dilations are ____ processes regulated by the ____ nervous system.

involuntary; autonomic


The fundamental building block of the nervous system is the ________.​



A lesion is​

a portion of the brain that has been purposefully damaged.


The endocrine system is comprised of a number of glands that release chemical messengers known as ____ into the ____.​

​hormones; blood


Which of the following best explains the roles of genetics and environment in determining personality?​

Genetic factors interact with environmental factors to determine our personalities.


Chemicals produced in the brain that have many of the same properties as morphine are called ____.​



The motor cortex is located in the ____ lobe.​



Melatonin, which is secreted by the pineal gland, plays a role in regulating​

. ​sleep.


Which portion of the central nervous system serves as the link between the brain and the peripheral nervous system?​

The spinal cord


Your heartbeat, digestion, and pupil contractions are ______ processes regulated by the ______ nervous system.​

involuntary; autonomic


What best identifies the job of a synapse?​

​to provide a place in which neurons can communicate with one another


Which hormone stimulates the adrenal cortex to secrete other hormones that promote muscle development?​



Which of these best identifies the soma's function?​

Controlling metabolic processes


In the autonomic nervous system, _______ is to release, as ______ is to replenish.​

sympathetic; parasympathetic


Scientists use the term ______ to describe the division of functions between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.



Regarding Parkinson's disease, which of the following statements is FALSE?​

It involves an excess of the neurotransmitter glutamate.


What is the approximate resting potential of a neuron?

-70 mV


Endorphins are similar in chemical structure to which drug?



What part of the brain could be compared to a switchboard receiving calls from all over the country and then directing the paths of these incoming calls?​



Agonists do all of the following EXCEPT​

block receptor sites.


After a motorcycle accident in which she wasn't wearing a helmet, Vanessa has difficulty responding emotionally to unpleasant stimuli. Vanessa most likely experienced damage to which brain structure?



One of the functions of the limbic system is to ____.

regulate motivational and emotional behaviors

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