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what is the balancing equation of KCIO3 -> KCI + O2


what is the balancing equation of KCIO3 -> KCI + O2

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  • 2KCIO3 = 2 KCI + 3 O2
    One atom of K on reactant side, and one on the product side
    3 atoms of O on the reactant side, and 2 atoms on the product side. To balance, make Oxygen atoms equal on both side, by multiplying the reactant side by 2 and the product side by 3.
    The other unbalanced is Cl, add 2 on KCl to balance.
    THe balanced reaction should have same number of atoms on both sides
    2 KCIO3 = 2 KCI + 3 O2
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Answered on June 25, 2020 6:38 pm

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