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Which of the following regions of RNAs are translated? Select one: a. 5′ UTR b. exons c. introns d. 3′ UTR e. poly-A


Which of the following regions of RNAs are translated?

Select one:

a. 5′ UTR

b. exons

c. introns

d. 3′ UTR

e. poly-A

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b. exons


A genome sequence consists of various regions that serve different purposes in the biological process of gene expression. Some regions, known as introns, do not code for proteins and are involved in the regulation and processing of the genetic information. The mRNA transcript produced during transcription contains both introns and exons, and undergoes additional processing to remove the introns. The resulting mature mRNA transcript contains only the coding regions, or exons, which are then translated into proteins by the cellular machinery. This process of splicing introns from mRNA is essential for the proper regulation and expression of genes, and errors in this process can lead to a range of genetic disorders.

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