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Why is it important to know lung volumes and capacities


Why is it important to know lung volumes and capacities

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  • Lung volumes and capacities are an important aspect in pulmonary function and can effectively be used to indicate underlying medical conditions. Among other important factors that lung volumes and capacities can indicate, they can be used to determine whether a patients breathing has improved after treatment for a lung condition
    Uses of lung volumes and capacities:
  • Lung capacities shows how much air can be exhaled from lungs and inhaled into lungs
  • Lung volumes shows amount of air that can be held by the lungs
  • Lung capacities are able to indicate the respiratory function of the lungs. Low lung capacity indicates presence of a respiratory disorder
  • Lung volume indicated activity of air sacs
  • Low lung volume indicated presence of a damage to lungs or airsacs


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Answered on June 25, 2020 6:34 pm

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